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How to make money online without paying anything

How to make money without paying anything? This is the question that arises in my mind before three years. I have searched for that answer in google and I found out the way to make money online without paying anything.Most of the search result in the Google for this keyword are spam. They are just a waste of time. Below are the most easy and legitimate ways to make money online.

1. Freelance market place- Best way to make money online without paying anything. make money online by freelance marketplace

Freelance market is the place where you can get hired for different type of jobs. Usually these places are used to get seo experts, article writers, web designers, web programmers etc. This is the best way to get online job because you can start applying to job as soon as you sign up and there is no sign up fee. Registering to these sites are completely free and what they take is a 5-6% service tax from your earnings. Elance and Odesk are good freelancing market place. I am also working as a freelancer in these websites.

2. Make a blog or a website.

10 ways to make money online

make money online by making a webste

I always wondered how do bloggers get money. later on I understood that advertising is the best way to make money online without paying anything. Bloggers and website owners sell a portion of their site for advertising. CPM (cost per thousand impression). Usually most of the advertising networks pay about $2-$5 per thousand impression. And $1-$5 per click. The cost depends on the keywords that you use. If you are getting impressions or click for high competing keywords then you will get more money.

How to make a blog or a website

To make a blog or a website you need to have a webhost. You can choose free blogging website like blogger and wordpress if you need to do this without paying anything. But these blogs will have many limitations. If you can invest some amount I recommend you to buy a domain and a web host, then start a wordpress blog like Article Hack.

3. Affiliate marketing

Many bloggers ae making money online by affiliate marketing. They will write an article based on some product and when people click their affiliate link and buy something they will get commission. This programs are called CPA (Cost per action). Here is the review of CPA networks.
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4. Sell something online and make money.

Selling something online is a great opportunity to make money online. One of my friend is making money by selling his reseller host on ebay. You can sell anything online and earn profit. Consider writing good eBooks and selling it online on amazon and ebay.

5. Data entry jobs online

Data entry jobs are very nice o make up to 50k per month. You can find a lot of dataentry jobs on odesk and elance. What you need to do is, just to  join these websites for free and start proposing to those job. Here is a sample data entry job posted on odesk.

Sample job posted on Odesk

Job Description

Fixed-Price – Est. Budget: $1,000.00

Looking for a BUSINESS not an individual to help with Data Entry for a large project I’m working on. Basically here is the core work to be done:

Collect Data for a database of college athletics information. Each college for NCAA Division I, II, and III all publicly list their coaches info for each sport. WE need to go to their websites and get that data and enter it into a spreadsheet.

So for example someone would go to the Boston College website, click on athletics, then the coaches directory, and then copy that info into the spreadsheet. The spread sheet is collecting, The College Name, Address, Coaches Name, Email, Phone, Coaches Positions, and Sport Coached. We are also tagging each school as part of a certain region of the country so schools in the NorthEast are part of the Northeast Region. All in all there are 1094 schools and roughly around 30,000 entries needed.

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Be aware of Online job scams.

job scamEvery one in this world like to be hiss own Bose and would like to make money from home. Most of the people searching for online job are fooled. In some cases they loose some money for that. In many cases you will be fooled by saying “make money online by just reading ads” or just completing a survey. most of the cases this will be a scam. If you really wanna make money online then I suggest you to join a freelance market place. If you wanna make a lot of money online then just freelance marketing wont be enough, in that case start a website or blog. Remember it will take time to make money from a website.