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Usain bolt running 100m dash video 2012 olympics

Usain bolt again wins 100-meter dash in record time. Olympics 2012 has witnessed the world fastest runner getting gold medal in 100-m dash in record time.

“Means a lot, because a lot of people were doubting me. A lot of people were saying I wasn’t going to win, I didn’t look good. There was a lot of talk,” Bolt said. “It’s an even greater feeling to come out here and defend my title and show the world I’m still No. 1, I’m still the best”——— says Husain

Usain bolt running 100m dash video 2012 olympicsUsain Bolt never has been shy to say he is a legend. When it is  Coming from Bolt, it’s the mission statement of a legend who has shown the world “Nothing is impossible” stride by stride and gold medal by gold medal. Bolt continued to be the world’s fastest man in the olympics 2012. “This is the first step for me,”  said bolt after geting the medal. Blake won the silver in 9.75 seconds.
“It’s tough but I have no excuses,” said Gay, and he cried on the track. “I gave my all.”…………